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This is a short tale with a happy ending. It’s a true story of a customer who awoke suddenly in the night with the great idea of seeing if she could make all the printing of her marketing materials much greener – and do it at a lower price. Well, it’s something that common sense Read more

I was as surprised as any when it hit the news. Each Google search has the same environmental impact as making a cup of tea!? (20 mg) Call me a bit dense but it hadn’t actually crossed my mind until that point. Of course online activity has an environmental impact – it just hadn’t occurred Read more

Printing Brain would like to welcome guest blogger, PEFC Director Hilary Khawam to the site. Being the independent souls we are, we’d like to point out that FSC are equally esteemed and trusted in providing environmentally-sustainable paper for the green printing industry. That said, take it away Hilary… With climate change remaining high on the Read more

We believe that direct mail can be one of the most environmentally responsible channels of communications available to the modern marketer – even compared to the hidden environmental impact of digital (see here). But like any channel we use, it requires thought and effort to ensure it’s well targeted and to properly offset any environmental Read more

It makes sense to be as environmentally sensitive as possible with any print production – for a variety of pretty obvious reasons (which we won’t get into here!) So taking environmental responsibility as a given, then one of your most important considerations is going to be the stock you print on. Here we take a Read more