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Print Management Companies UK – what do they do? There are a number of different types of businesses who call themselves Print Managers. But from many customer’s perspectives (i.e. anyone print buying on a project by project basis) a print management company will seem pretty much like talking to a printer. You talk to them Read more

You want to buy print? You want to make sure you get great quality? You also want a good price? You’re scouring the web for Web Offset Printers? …but you’re not sure where to turn? It’s a problem lots of us print buyers have had. And it’s not just web offset printers who are tricky Read more

The term thermographic or thermography printing is a bit of a misnomer to the non-printer as it’s actually a way of producing raised printing. Rather than describing the end result, it describes the method for getting the raised print onto the page which involves the application of heat, hence the name. The process hasn’t changed Read more

Advertising in printed magazines can be very effective. But there’s a real art to creating the most effective print advertising design and to making an ad that stands out from the crowd. As you flick through any B2B trade publication, they’re packed with advertisements all competing for the reader’s eye – so understanding the fundamentals Read more

3D is very much in vogue at the moment and I have to admit I’m a sucker for it. The Nintendo 3DS is an amazing piece of kit, 3D augmented reality is a real technology to watch for the future; and 3D films and TV, I lap it all up. Well, print is no different Read more

Following on from our article on security printing cheques so they display your own company brand, we now move onto taking a look at competitions and how sensitive competition data is handled within the printing process. Case Study Obviously, there are lots of different competition types, so we’re going to zoom in on one particular Read more

What is Augmented Reality? Augmented Reality (or AR) is a technology that allows a camera on a webcam or mobile phone to overlay a picture or piece of other digital content (twitter feed, video etc.) onto the camera display. So, for example, it’s possible with Augmented Reality to point your mobile phone camera (or a Read more