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We’ll add pictures of print innovations to this image gallery as we discover them. If you’ve seen anything else you think we should add, we’d love you to get in touch using the contact us form Read more

One of our Print Consultants received the following email out of the blue today. As we do with internet enquiries when they come from an email address not linked to a company (in this case a Yahoo.com email address), he ran a quick check to see if it looked pukka. Good ole Google popped up Read more

We’ve looked at how to find a great web offset printer and also produced a 2 minute guide to web offset printing in the past. Both of which we hope you’ve found useful. So when I came across this checklist, I thought it makes a great cross-over between the two processes before we publish some helpful articles Read more


Webmart’s Printing Brain is a place for Print Buyers, Marketers and people who use print to get their impartial information. Our information is entirely impartial and independent – and we mean to keep it that way. The reason? Our business is built on advising customers and partners about their best options in print – how Read more