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How direct mail outperforms email for cold and warm acquisition campaigns When you’re trying to work out where to spend your marketing budget, it’s tempting to focus on digital. After all, when everyone’s spending their time with their noses in their phones, it’s common sense to put your budget where your customers are – right Read more

Print and Direct Mail’s role in Online Search and Conversion We were invited along to speak at the latest ECMOD Conference in the Business Design Centre in Islington. The topic was one that’s dear to many of our client’s hearts – understanding how print interacts with the other communication channels to ultimately drive sales. Since Read more

Print Consultant extraodinaire Greg Warner gives a 3 minute presentation on how print drives online engagement and conversion, with a close look at some interesting research relating particularly to brochures and catalogues. Call Webmart: 01869 366931 Link to Infographic or Contact a Webmart Print Consultant We’ve also compiled the infographic below from a variety of Read more

With the continued reduction in capacity in many sectors of the UK Print market, we’re starting to see the annual capacity squeeze coming early across the UK. What is the Capacity Squeeze? For those of you who aren’t aware, UK printing companies go through an annual cycle where there is press space available during most Read more

There’s a great deal of pressure and consolidation going on amongst UK print companies at the moment. Each month we hear of closures, buy-outs and redundancies and amid all this doom and gloom, it’s tempting to think that things are just going to get worse and worse. However, there’s still quite a bit of positivity Read more

When we previously looked into the Price of Printed Brochures we found that by requesting prices for the same specification of brochure from a number of printers, we received a wide range of prices back. We now turn our attention to insert printing and have analysed 3 years of print procurement data to answer the Read more

We published our first look at the price of printed brochures in our last article. It shows a huge pricing difference between printers in a non-contract buying marketplace. But what lessons can we take from this, to improve our buying (and supplying) of print? Key Lessons For each print project, there are savings to be Read more

We developed our in house print buying/sourcing platform throughout 2007 and by 2008 our testing procedures finally came to and end and we were ready to use it live. It was an exciting time – for many of us. It was so new, some on the team thought it wouldn’t work. No one had tried Read more

As we all know, catalogues are very effective ways to sell ‘things’ to your customers (whatever the ‘things’ might be). They’re effective, relatively inexpensive and, importantly, everyone knows how to use them. Which is handy when many of your customers would tie themselves in knots with digital versions. But how do you go about getting Read more