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Print for Marketers

What are they? Small printed codes added to print which customers with smartphones can scan and which redirects them, through their phone, to further content/information. This can be a website page, stocking information, pricing information, product videos or any other digital data.  QR codes are open source and most popular. Matrix codes can be smaller Read more

With the continued reduction in capacity in many sectors of the UK Print market, we’re starting to see the annual capacity squeeze coming early across the UK. What is the Capacity Squeeze? For those of you who aren’t aware, UK printing companies go through an annual cycle where there is press space available during most Read more

We’ve looked at how to find a great web offset printer and also produced a 2 minute guide to web offset printing in the past. Both of which we hope you’ve found useful. So when I came across this checklist, I thought it makes a great cross-over between the two processes before we publish some helpful articles Read more

Print Management Companies UK – what do they do? There are a number of different types of businesses who call themselves Print Managers. But from many customer’s perspectives (i.e. anyone print buying on a project by project basis) a print management company will seem pretty much like talking to a printer. You talk to them Read more

You want to buy print? You want to make sure you get great quality? You also want a good price? You’re scouring the web for Web Offset Printers? …but you’re not sure where to turn? It’s a problem lots of us print buyers have had. And it’s not just web offset printers who are tricky Read more

Embossing is a process where a metal stamp is pressed against a piece of paper to create a raised impression on it. It’s traditionally seen on business stationery,  especially as embossed business cards where it’s used as a way to add impact to the print and give it a high class look and feel. However Read more

We’ve produced a 2 minute guide to web offset printing before, explaining how the process works. Here, we take a look at web offset from a product perspective. What sort of products can be produced at a web offset printers? It’s a key question because, as you may (or may not!) know, placing your job Read more

Direct Mail is a favourite of marketers because it’s relatively straight forward to calculate a direct ROI from it. Check out our other guides for more information. In a nutshell, if you include the right trackback mechanisms, you can calculate the effectiveness of each printed item. You can even segment data by geographic region, postcode Read more

I have to confess I didn’t know much about promotional printing companies, but after a tour of one of the largest in the country, I found my eyes opening wide to the marketing possibilities, especially to the way promotional print might be going in the not too distant future. Marketing I guess one of the Read more

We’ve reported on the blurring of the line between digital and print marketing many times in the past and we’re always interested in any multi-channel developments, especially when they contribute to marketing ROI reporting. As part of the launch of the new film, X-Men First Class, some of their outdoor poster advertisements have been equipped Read more