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Printers & Performance

We published our first look at the price of printed brochures in our last article. It shows a huge pricing difference between printers in a non-contract buying marketplace. But what lessons can we take from this, to improve our buying (and supplying) of print? Key Lessons For each print project, there are savings to be Read more

We developed our in house print buying/sourcing platform throughout 2007 and by 2008 our testing procedures finally came to and end and we were ready to use it live. It was an exciting time – for many of us. It was so new, some on the team thought it wouldn’t work. No one had tried Read more

Following on from our article on security printing cheques so they display your own company brand, we now move onto taking a look at competitions and how sensitive competition data is handled within the printing process. Case Study Obviously, there are lots of different competition types, so we’re going to zoom in on one particular Read more

There can be plenty of reasons why you might want to create your own branded cheques for your business. Especially on a day like today when lots of people are supporting red nose day and you see so many customised giant cheques floating about! But whatever your reason or occasion, it needs doing carefully and Read more

In previous articles we’ve looked at your options when buying print or when you’re looking for a new print supplier – and tried to point out the benefits of each in a very independently-minded way – as we do with all our help and advice on Printing Brain. It’s worth pointing out again that Printing Read more

As much of the printing paper for UK printers comes in from Finland, we can be affected by their weather (almost) as much as they can. A few days ago, they had particularly severe icy weather which closed the ports of Oulu and Veitsiluoto, high up in the Gulf of Bothnia. That meant the cargo Read more

I’ve recently read a few articles on increasing direct mail response rates. There were some great tips and ideas so I thought I’d distil them into a useful list and share them here. A typical conversion rate for direct mail is between 1-3% (depending on how advanced your data segmentation and personalisation, as well as Read more