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What is it and why should I care? Web Offset Litho Printing is one of the most popular technologies for printing commercial print in the world. It was developed as a way to print from reels of paper (instead of sheets), meaning the paper can run through the press more quickly. It has the added Read more

What would you do if your printer was placed in administration, liquidation or receivership? How would you cope? What would it cost you? It is a sad fact of business life at present that printing companies are collapsing at a fast rate. And aside from the tragedy of direct loss of livelihood for those involved, if Read more

Here are our top 6 commonly made mistakes that can all lead to late projects, increased costs and sleepless nights – as told by someone who’s managed hundreds of printing projects (and has the scars to prove it) – new blogger Rich W: 1. Not Making the Specification Clear No.1 on the hit parade is Read more

Why should I read this? Why should you be remotely interested in understanding sheet fed litho printing? It’s an entirely valid question and the short answer is that you shouldn’t. Life’s too short. Spend that extra 5 minutes chatting to Deb by the coffee machine or installing another Blackberry app. Unless, that is … unless Read more

What is Preflighting? It’s a process your designer or printing services company (printer, print manager etc.) will put your artwork through to make sure all the data required to produce a great print job is present and correct. The process is usually helped by software which plugs in to existing design or proofing software (such Read more

Pretty well everything we print for business is done as a marketing exercise. If it’s a brochure, it’s produced to market your company, your brand or your products and services (or a combination of all four). If it’s a printed postcard, its primary focus is probably products and services (though the distribution method or design Read more

When you place your job for printing, you want to be confident that what you’re seeing on screen is what you’re going to get in your finished product. Proofs are the closest you’re probably going to get before you see the finished printed item dropped on your desk. So here we look at the options Read more

When you have a particular print job in mind, it’s important to look at which printing process will give you the quality you need at the most cost effective price. Each Print project is different and has to be first assessed in terms of which printing process is best suited to your requirements. For example, something like the Read more