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Print Pricing

We’re all looking for ways to make savings these days. Shaving a few pounds off your buy price here and there can be well worth doing. But it can be very hard work and the savings aren’t always as transparent and traceable as you might like. Especially when you’re trying to show those savings to Read more

This is a short tale with a happy ending. It’s a true story of a customer who awoke suddenly in the night with the great idea of seeing if she could make all the printing of her marketing materials much greener – and do it at a lower price. Well, it’s something that common sense Read more

Over the past months paper cost has gone in one direction – upward.  It has seemed that as the first day of January, April, July and September approached, so too did a letter from the paper merchants informing us that another rise of 5% to 8% would be required. Just have a look at Foex Read more

If you’re a marketer or print buyer, here’s some useful information about VAT that I like to keep handy to advise our clients with. The rules can be very confusing, even for professional print buyers, so please use this as a guide only. And if you’re at all unsure or need any further information, please Read more

When you have a particular print job in mind, it’s important to look at which printing process will give you the quality you need at the most cost effective price. Each Print project is different and has to be first assessed in terms of which printing process is best suited to your requirements. For example, something like the Read more