How Growing your Business can be Fun (and Profitable)

Webmart at the Scottish Business Exhibition.

Webmart MD Simon Biltcliffe is presenting a fascinating seminar on how to grow a business (and have fun at the same time) at the Scottish Business Exhibition at the SECC in Glasgow.

Of course, we would say it was fascinating wouldn’t we – well here’s your chance to see for yourself. We videoed the presentation beforehand at the Webmart Yellow Shed of Wonderment in Bicester, so you don’t need to travel to Glasgow (or indeed, back in time!) to see it. Let us know if you find it interesting in the comments section below (thanks!)

To access the video, fill out the fields below and off you go. And once you’ve watched the video, there’s also a link to a funky video showing a tour of the Webmart Yellow Shed (see the link below the video).

We hope you enjoy them both!

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