UK Print Companies Beware – Scam email?

by Rich B

One of our Print Consultants received the following email out of the blue today. As we do with internet enquiries when they come from an email address not linked to a company (in this case a email address), he ran a quick check to see if it looked pukka. Good ole Google popped up with pages of results showing that it’s a scam email that’s been sent to print companies in the US, Australia, Sweden – and is now targeting the UK.

Below are the top two links we found – the first is a forum post where quite a few printers report they’ve been targeted. The second is a list of email addresses that an Oz printing forum has compiled – could be a useful resource to check these sort of unsolicited enquiries against. Our Rev Gaffer is on there.


Crime against artwork?

800 Notes Website Link Website Link

From: Rev John Gaffer
Sent: 04 August 2011 6:28 AM
To: Mark
Subject: Flyers

Good Morning

With Regards to your Company Am Reverend John ,can you please quote me on printing 60,000 copies of Flyers  with the following specs.

1. measures 8.5′ x 11′
2. 80# Gloss Text sided
4. Full color

Please provide quote on 60,000 copies and i have  attached  a  copy of the  art work of the flyer. I hope to hear from  you

Best Regards

Reverend John

And as our vigilant Consultant remarked – we’re not quite sure how the scam would pan out, but maybe the real crime is a crime against god-awful low-res artwork.


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