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Papers for Printing: Most Popular Paper Weights for 6 Printed Products.

Here’s a quick guide to some of the most popular paper weights used for a range of different product types.

The data is taken from products bought over the last 3 years so can be used as an up to date guide for designers and marketers to help them specify their project.

Note that we’re displaying a range of the most popular weights of paper here – there are many creative treatments that will make good use of both lighter or heavier stock. We’re also breaking down for the cover paper weight (the cover of the item) and the text paper weight (the paper between the covers) where appropriate.

Note also that the units of measurement are gsm (grammes per square Metre) used by most of the metric world.

Hope it helps in whatever projects you’re working on!

Booklet Paper

Webs of Paper at a Printers

Paper choice is crucial to cost and quality

Cover – 130-200gsm
Text – 100-150gsm

Brochure Paper
Cover – 150-250gsm
Text – 80-170gsm

Catalogue Paper
Cover – 115-250gsm
Text – 70-150gsm

Insert Paper

Leaflet Paper

Magazine Paper
Cover – 170-250gsm
Text – 70-130gsm

For further reading, check out our Guide to Green Printing and Paper Choice and our article on Paper Prices.

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