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Four Days to the Finnish line… Printing Paper Update

As much of the printing paper for UK printers comes in from Finland, we can be affected by their weather (almost) as much as they can.

A few days ago, they had particularly severe icy weather which closed the ports of Oulu and Veitsiluoto, high up in the Gulf of Bothnia. That meant the cargo vessels due to bring paper to the UK had to wait until they got help  from a friendly ice breaker to get through to warmer seas. Here’s a dramatic photo taken from the leading ice breaker (we think) with the convoy pushing through behind.


Delivering paper - with the help of an Ice-breaker.

This kind of unforseen event can of course lead to shortages and problems at printers – with the estimated late delivery date for this particular one being 72-96 hours.

Still, hat’s off to the guys at Stora Enso paper for keeping the shipment moving.

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