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Is it all Doom and Gloom for UK Print Companies?

There’s a great deal of pressure and consolidation going on amongst UK print companies at the moment. Each month we hear of closures, buy-outs and redundancies and amid all this doom and gloom, it’s tempting to think that things are just going to get worse and worse.

However, there’s still quite a bit of positivity to be taken from some of the most recent statistics on the UK print industry – and we believe they reflect the fact that print is still one of the most essential and value adding businesses in the UK.

Here’s some statistics taken from a recent BPIF analysis which puts a different slant on Print’s role in the modern economy.

UK Print Companies play a vital role in the economy

UK Print Companies play a vital role in the economy

  • Print was the second highest value-adding industry in the country, second only to pharmaceuticals. This equates to a gross value added of £6.4bn
  • UK print companies contribute to the UK being the 5th largest producer of printed products in the world
  • The industry contains 10,500 companies and employs 140,000 people
  • Print media takes the largest share of advertising budgets (45% 2009) a share which is expected to grow
  • Print had a positive trade balance of £1bn in 2009
  • Print has a turnover of £14.3bn

The print industry is going through considerable transformation at the moment, but with figures like this, it has a vital, ongoing role to play in the economy.


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