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Postage Increases on the way?

As you would expect, here at Webmart we keep our ears to the ground for news and gossip within the industry. At present the industry grapevine is alive with talk of postage increases.

We are picking up on rumours that the wholesale costs of postage, as well as the retail costs, are set for a rise come 1st April. We don’t yet know any details, but this would mean all postage would rise whether it is handled by a DSA (down stream access provider) or by directly by Royal Mail.

So our advice, if you are thinking of a direct mail campaign, is to do it sooner rather than later; making sure the complete mailing is received by late March to ensure that you qualify for today’s rate.  Bear in mind that Easter is rather early this year, 1 April is Easter Monday Bank Holiday.

We will continue to monitor the situation and update you once we know the precise details of any rises. Formal announcements are expected towards the end of this month.

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