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Printing Price Analysis 2008-2011. What’s the Price of Printing a Brochure?

Well, here it is. If you supply or buy print, this is our first look at the price of printing a brochure, as reported by Webmart’s online print buying/selling platform.

Also, check out this post on how we analysed the data to produce the graph.

In a nutshell, we took 175 projects where we bought brochures for customers and looked at the range of prices we got back from printers. Each project received prices from a number of printers and we analysed the price ranges and have published them here.

The Graph
Buyers – thought you know the price your job should be?
Printers – thought you knew how competitive your prices were in the market?

Then take a look at the graph below. We welcome your comments back.

The Price of Printed Brochures 2008-2011

The Price of Printed Brochures 2008-2011. Click the Graph to Enlarge.

Creative Commons Licence
Brochure-printing-price-graph.jpg by www.webmartuk.com is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.
Permissions beyond the scope of this license may be available by contacting licensee at http://www.webmartuk.com/contactus/form.

Key Data Highlights
There’s a potential for a large amount of overspend in the market. This isn’t driven by printers making large profits at a buyer’s expense – in fact, quite the opposite (see tomorrow’s post on analysis).

  • AVERAGE potential overspend on a brochure was 59.36% over the period (on a £10,000 order, that represents £5,936!)
  • MAXIMUM potential overspend on a brochure was 223.19%. (on a £10,000 order, that represents £22,319!)
  • No clear cyclical trends

See our analyses on the reasons behind the price differences in this post.


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