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The Next Level of Print Buying. Simon’s Seminar at PrintBuy 2012.

Here’s your chance to see what all the fuss was about at this year’s prestigious PrintBuy 2012 Conference held at the Grange Tower Bridge Hotel. One of the key speakers on day 1 was Webmart MD Simon talking about how Webmart buys print and the future of print buying.

Unlike most print buyers, the words TRUST and COLLABORATION feature just as heavily as the words TECHNOLOGY and PRICE as he explains how we bring the lowest prices to our customers by working in partnership with our suppliers – not in competition.

All we want to know is why doesn’t everyone do it this way?! Don’t beat up your suppliers but use technology and business insight to find out where your suppliers can add value – and pass that insight back to your suppliers and the benefits on to your customers. Makes total sense to us – check out the video to see if you agree.


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