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brochure printing

We developed our in house print buying/sourcing platform throughout 2007 and by 2008 our testing procedures finally came to and end and we were ready to use it live. It was an exciting time – for many of us. It was so new, some on the team thought it wouldn’t work. No one had tried Read more

Brochures can be a great sales tool for businesses of all shapes and sizes. Whether they’re a point-of-sale giveaway, for mail order or for sales support, they’re very much your flexible friend. Many smaller businesses have particular challenges when creating brochures – limited budgets and a lack of specialist writing and design skills can all Read more

In this first part of our brochure printing guide, we look at the fundamentals of creating a great brochure. However important it is to choose the right printer to print your brochure (and believe me, it’s very important if you want a high quality, trouble free job!) creating an effective brochure starts much, much earlier. Before Read more

Saddle-stitching is a cost-effective method used after the printing process to bind together pages of items such as catalogues, brochures or magazines. Once the item has been printed, it is typically fed into stitcher where the stitching process is automated – binding the pages together with metal staples. Definition: A way of producing catalogue/brochures/magazines etc Read more