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direct mail

Direct Mail is a favourite of marketers because it’s relatively straight forward to calculate a direct ROI from it. Check out our other guides for more information. In a nutshell, if you include the right trackback mechanisms, you can calculate the effectiveness of each printed item. You can even segment data by geographic region, postcode Read more

Some interesting information from the Direct Marketing Association’s 2010 report. The report tries to provide key performance benchmark figures for marketers to assess their own performance. But it also gives a valuable insight into the effectiveness of printed direct mailing, particularly in comparison to some of the other non-print forms of direct marketing. The report Read more

I’ve recently read a few articles on increasing direct mail response rates. There were some great tips and ideas so I thought I’d distil them into a useful list and share them here. A typical conversion rate for direct mail is between 1-3% (depending on how advanced your data segmentation and personalisation, as well as Read more

What is Direct Mail? For many marketers, Direct Mail is an indispensible and cost-effective tool to connect with customers. It is physical mail that is sent straight to the target customer. The mail can be in a wide range of printed formats – with postcards, leaflets, brochures and catalogues being the most common – and is Read more

We believe that direct mail can be one of the most environmentally responsible channels of communications available to the modern marketer – even compared to the hidden environmental impact of digital (see here). But like any channel we use, it requires thought and effort to ensure it’s well targeted and to properly offset any environmental Read more