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There are a few features of print which can make it really difficult for other types of communication to compete. Things like cost, durability, portability, convenience, ease of use can all mean that e-equivalents aren’t as attractive to the average marketing budget as print. So imagine when all these elements combine into a single product Read more

The term thermographic or thermography printing is a bit of a misnomer to the non-printer as it’s actually a way of producing raised printing. Rather than describing the end result, it describes the method for getting the raised print onto the page which involves the application of heat, hence the name. The process hasn’t changed Read more

Advertising in printed magazines can be very effective. But there’s a real art to creating the most effective print advertising design and to making an ad that stands out from the crowd. As you flick through any B2B trade publication, they’re packed with advertisements all competing for the reader’s eye – so understanding the fundamentals Read more

As we all know, catalogues are very effective ways to sell ‘things’ to your customers (whatever the ‘things’ might be). They’re effective, relatively inexpensive and, importantly, everyone knows how to use them. Which is handy when many of your customers would tie themselves in knots with digital versions. But how do you go about getting Read more

In previous articles we’ve looked at your options when buying print or when you’re looking for a new print supplier – and tried to point out the benefits of each in a very independently-minded way – as we do with all our help and advice on Printing Brain. It’s worth pointing out again that Printing Read more

Printing a leaflet and want to make sure you get the best results from it? Follow this checklist and you shouldn’t go far wrong. 1. Objective & Audience Clearly define what the leaflet’s for. Set out what your goals are so you can run through them throughout the design process to make sure you’re on Read more

There’s a host of considerations for a designer or layout artist to bear in mind when producing artwork for printing. The following hints and tips should give useful guidelines to avoid some of the most common mistakes – all which can lead to slippages, extra costs, personal anguish and sleepless nights! 1. Bleed and Margins Read more

Introduction: Folding is a method of reducing a sheet of paper down to a more usable size or shape. It’s important designers and marketers understand the issues surrounding folding and the printing process so they can design their way around potential problems. Design Issues: The more folds that are used, the greater the variation in Read more