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May 2014. Munich, Germany. Webmarteers Lee Smith (Category Management Director) and Simon Biltcliffe (Webmart CEO) visited FESPA Digital 2014 – the world’s leading exhibition for wide format (i.e. large graphics!) and textile print – to check out the latest innovations we could bring back to the UK. Here’s their report on some of the highlights. The Read more

We’re always looking to help our customers improve their ROI – it’s what we do!  So we recently popped over to the CatEx shindig at Lords to present a case study on how some recent developments in personalised digital print are dramatically pushing up response rates (i.e. direct, attributable sales). We’re not going to give Read more

If you use consumer data in your business and you’ve not heard of the European General Data Protection Regulation, then it’s probably worth casting your eye over the page below. We’ve brought together a high-level view of what it is, how it could affect you and when it’s due to be introduced – all you Read more

Print and Direct Mail’s role in Online Search and Conversion We were invited along to speak at the latest ECMOD Conference in the Business Design Centre in Islington. The topic was one that’s dear to many of our client’s hearts – understanding how print interacts with the other communication channels to ultimately drive sales. Since Read more

We manage the printing and mailing of such a lot of direct mail from the Webmart Yellow Sheds, it’s nice to share as much of our expertise and learning as we can through these web pages. The problem is, once you’re on the site, articles can be difficult to find. Of course, you can always Read more

What is Personalised Print? Personalisation is a way to use your customer data (such as profiling or purchase history data) to customise the content of the print you produce. Personalised printing enables you to tailor each printed item to match the likes and tastes of each customer. For example, you might have information telling you Read more

Print Consultant extraodinaire Greg Warner gives a 3 minute presentation on how print drives online engagement and conversion, with a close look at some interesting research relating particularly to brochures and catalogues. Call Webmart: 01869 366931 Link to Infographic or Contact a Webmart Print Consultant We’ve also compiled the infographic below from a variety of Read more

What are they? Small printed codes added to print which customers with smartphones can scan and which redirects them, through their phone, to further content/information. This can be a website page, stocking information, pricing information, product videos or any other digital data.  QR codes are open source and most popular. Matrix codes can be smaller Read more

I have to confess I didn’t know much about promotional printing companies, but after a tour of one of the largest in the country, I found my eyes opening wide to the marketing possibilities, especially to the way promotional print might be going in the not too distant future. Marketing I guess one of the Read more

Door to Door (sometimes seen as door2door or door drop) is the term marketers use when delivering unaddressed marketing communications (typically printed items such as flyers) straight to a customer’s door. Door to door is a particularly interesting part of the print marketing mix because it’s the only marketing medium that offers near 100% coverage of Read more