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What is Augmented Reality? Augmented Reality (or AR) is a technology that allows a camera on a webcam or mobile phone to overlay a picture or piece of other digital content (twitter feed, video etc.) onto the camera display. So, for example, it’s possible with Augmented Reality to point your mobile phone camera (or a Read more

Brochures can be a great sales tool for businesses of all shapes and sizes. Whether they’re a point-of-sale giveaway, for mail order or for sales support, they’re very much your flexible friend. Many smaller businesses have particular challenges when creating brochures – limited budgets and a lack of specialist writing and design skills can all Read more

Print is used for such a wide variety of sales, marketing and promotional purposes it can be tricky to measure your return on investment. However, in these days where we’re all tasked to get the most bang for our marketing buck, there’s plenty of reasons to try and track every response to calculate what we’re Read more