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print management

Here’s your chance to see what all the fuss was about at this year’s prestigious PrintBuy 2012 Conference held at the Grange Tower Bridge Hotel. One of the key speakers on day 1 was Webmart MD Simon talking about how Webmart buys print and the future of print buying. Unlike most print buyers, the words Read more

If you’re printing a project with a new, untried, printer or printing an item for the first time, it’s likely that you’ll want to be there when it’s being printed, to make sure everything’s going to plan. It gives you piece of mind, tighter control of what’s going on and you’ll be on hand to Read more

Print Management Companies UK – what do they do? There are a number of different types of businesses who call themselves Print Managers. But from many customer’s perspectives (i.e. anyone print buying on a project by project basis) a print management company will seem pretty much like talking to a printer. You talk to them Read more

In previous articles we’ve looked at your options when buying print or when you’re looking for a new print supplier – and tried to point out the benefits of each in a very independently-minded way – as we do with all our help and advice on Printing Brain. It’s worth pointing out again that Printing Read more