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How direct mail outperforms email for cold and warm acquisition campaigns When you’re trying to work out where to spend your marketing budget, it’s tempting to focus on digital. After all, when everyone’s spending their time with their noses in their phones, it’s common sense to put your budget where your customers are – right Read more

We’ll add pictures of print innovations to this image gallery as we discover them. If you’ve seen anything else you think we should add, we’d love you to get in touch using the contact us form Read more

There are a few features of print which can make it really difficult for other types of communication to compete. Things like cost, durability, portability, convenience, ease of use can all mean that e-equivalents aren’t as attractive to the average marketing budget as print. So imagine when all these elements combine into a single product Read more

We’re always looking for ideas that might give our customers’ campaigns that extra bit of impact, and glow in the dark inks can really add to the appeal of your print. They’re fun and vibrant and have a real retro-appeal, and now they’re on the 4th generation, they’re brighter and longer lasting than ever. The Read more

Paper that Grows into Flowers!? Nope, we’ve not been taking psychedelic drugs – there is actually such a thing as paper that grows into flowers! We’ve been playing around with it in the Webmart Yellow Shed and it’s great. We think some of you (and your customers) will love it. So here’s some information on Read more

If your business depends on brochure or catalogue printing delivered to your customers by direct mail or mail order, then here’s a couple of process improvements that you might find useful to make your life easier and make  your print that bit more effective. Namely, the use of the pre and post-production meetings.     Read more

With the continued reduction in capacity in many sectors of the UK Print market, we’re starting to see the annual capacity squeeze coming early across the UK. What is the Capacity Squeeze? For those of you who aren’t aware, UK printing companies go through an annual cycle where there is press space available during most Read more

We’ve reported on the blurring of the line between digital and print marketing many times in the past and we’re always interested in any multi-channel developments, especially when they contribute to marketing ROI reporting. As part of the launch of the new film, X-Men First Class, some of their outdoor poster advertisements have been equipped Read more

Door to Door (sometimes seen as door2door or door drop) is the term marketers use when delivering unaddressed marketing communications (typically printed items such as flyers) straight to a customer’s door. Door to door is a particularly interesting part of the print marketing mix because it’s the only marketing medium that offers near 100% coverage of Read more

Print is used for such a wide variety of sales, marketing and promotional purposes it can be tricky to measure your return on investment. However, in these days where we’re all tasked to get the most bang for our marketing buck, there’s plenty of reasons to try and track every response to calculate what we’re Read more