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How direct mail outperforms email for cold and warm acquisition campaigns When you’re trying to work out where to spend your marketing budget, it’s tempting to focus on digital. After all, when everyone’s spending their time with their noses in their phones, it’s common sense to put your budget where your customers are – right Read more

We’re always looking to help our customers improve their ROI – it’s what we do!  So we recently popped over to the CatEx shindig at Lords to present a case study on how some recent developments in personalised digital print are dramatically pushing up response rates (i.e. direct, attributable sales). We’re not going to give Read more

Print and Direct Mail’s role in Online Search and Conversion We were invited along to speak at the latest ECMOD Conference in the Business Design Centre in Islington. The topic was one that’s dear to many of our client’s hearts – understanding how print interacts with the other communication channels to ultimately drive sales. Since Read more

What are they? Small printed codes added to print which customers with smartphones can scan and which redirects them, through their phone, to further content/information. This can be a website page, stocking information, pricing information, product videos or any other digital data.  QR codes are open source and most popular. Matrix codes can be smaller Read more

Print is used for such a wide variety of sales, marketing and promotional purposes it can be tricky to measure your return on investment. However, in these days where we’re all tasked to get the most bang for our marketing buck, there’s plenty of reasons to try and track every response to calculate what we’re Read more

Some interesting information from the Direct Marketing Association’s 2010 report. The report tries to provide key performance benchmark figures for marketers to assess their own performance. But it also gives a valuable insight into the effectiveness of printed direct mailing, particularly in comparison to some of the other non-print forms of direct marketing. The report Read more

If the average person in the western world really does come into contact with about 4000 brands per day, then business owners really do have a big headache. Just how do you push past this ‘noise’ to occupy some of that valuable customer headspace? Is it a case of simply spending more to raise your Read more