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Do you know how much print your company buys?

Well if you can answer some simple questions about print buying in your organisation, we’ll send you one of our trademark tubes of retro sweets.*

All we ask is two minutes of your time and some honest answers. Don’t worry, this information will be carefully looked after and only used by Webmart.

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  •   Me
      Someone else
  •   Business Stationery
      Marketing Materials
      Direct Mail
      Point of Sale
  •   £0
      £1 - £50,000
      £50,000 - £100,000
      £100,000 - £500,000
      Over £500,000


*To avoid being attacked by cyber web-robots auto-filling out 3 zillion forms and nicking all our sweets, here’s one or two terms and conditions. Offer is limited to one tube per person. It’s entirely at Webmart’s discretion whether we think a webform is authentic or, for example, filled out by a 13 year old trying to bag some freebies. We may well take pity on them and send out some sweets anyway (after all we were all 13 once) but we reserve the right not to (in which case, ‘Good try!’ but sorry :0).

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