Webmart’s Dynamic Pricing – A Better Way to Sell Print

What is it and how will it benefit you?

Dynamic Pricing is a system that allows us to offer your print prices to our customers, seamlessly and without troubling your estimating team each time we want a price.

The benefit of using DP is that we can instantly get your prices to the customer, greatly increasing the likelihood of turning your quote into an order, while keeping the control of your margin and capacity firmly in your hands. It also provides you with the business intelligence you need to understand your place in the print marketplace – where your sweet spots are (your USPs) and your comparative price advantage (or disadvantage).

Using DP you can get your prices to Webmart customers instantly and automatically without troubling your staff.

How does it work?

It’s a pretty simple process. We’ve developed a user-friendly web interface where you can manage your estimating variables – presses, capacity, costs, margin and so on. Using this system, you maintain and control precisely what data is fed into the DP system. All we need is enough information to be able to calculate your price from print specifications we input for our customers. It’s entirely safe and secure and you control your sell prices and margins like you normally would.

Where your price is second lowest*, your price will be offered to the customer and should we secure the work, you’ll be offered the order

At that stage, you might want to double-check the price manually. Once you’re happy with it, you can accept the order.

What do I have to do to get involved?

Email us back and we’ll get the ball rolling. The first stage will be to have a meeting to discuss the system further and work out the level of involvement that’s appropriate. Once we have agreement, we’ll either look to give you training on the web-interface (where you can manage your capacity and prices using our virtual press park) or speak with your IT team about data feeds. Either way, drop us an email at dp@webmartuk.com and we’ll get in touch.

What sort of business intelligence do I get back?

Like all Webmart supplier products, apart from (hopefully!) claiming more work, you’ll also get access to a suite of reports which reveal a huge amount of qualitative and quantitative feedback on your prices and services.

Where there’s a comparison to the performance of other businesses, only aggregate and anonymised data is displayed giving you all the comparative performance data required to improve your business while keeping competitive and sensitive data entirely secure.

Here are some of the reports you can expect:

Quantitative Reports

Price Analysis – last 180 days

How competitive you were over the last 180 days of live estimates which were run through the system. You can also drill down to see the specification of each estimate.



Price Analysis – Market Price v My Price

You can run a specification through the system and it will instantly calculate the ‘market price’ which is an average price from all appropriately equipped suppliers. It will allow you to compare your price with the market average and best price – even allowing you to increase your prices when you’re underselling!

Your dynamic price versus average market price


Project-level Pricing Feedback Report

For each project you submit a price, you get a detailed view of how your prices stack up and the order status.

Your feedback summary - feedback on prices 2

Qualitative Reports

Feedback Summary Report

After each project is delivered, all the parties involved in the production rank each other’s performance in key areas. The results are show in this table.

DP Feedback summary report - how you score

Peer Rankings

This report takes all the feedback scores to produce a single ranking figure out of 10. We then show you how well you rank against other DP suppliers (using only aggregative, anonymised data of course.)

DP - Your feedback summary - how you rank with your peers

We believe Dynamic Pricing is the future of collaborative print selling.  For more information or to become a DP supplier, please fill out the form below or call Ian McCord on 01869 321321.

*We use the second lowest price to deter DP users from artificially driving down prices and also so we have a fall-back supplier in reserve should you need to decline the job post-order.

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